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April 6, 2012
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1/250 second
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55 mm
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Apr 7, 2012, 5:24:42 AM
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows
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His Little Wolfie (Remake) II by RyuuLavitz His Little Wolfie (Remake) II by RyuuLavitz
Try to censor me and I'll come back even stronger.

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Taken By: Rafael Buckentin
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swirlian Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012
You know, coming to this one last suddenly makes me build a kind of overall story between these photos. I have to re-order them and probably wouldn't have see it if I hadn't commented on them out of order. Start with 1 where I said there was a kind of sadness to it. I can incorporate a little loneliness into that sadness easily. Then go to IV where there was the surprise and a kind of shyness. So the story there is you are a wolf girl... out in the woods feeling a little down and maybe even a little lonely. Then along comes somebody. They surprise you and you are hesitant since you don't know them, but yet you are also kind of seeking companionship too. Then we come to this one, number II. You are still a little guarded with the arms across your chest covering yourself and preventing the wind for really showing you. Yet now standing. Sitting itself is a kind of protective/guarded posture in that it makes you a smaller target type thing. It has an aspect of hiding to it. So here you are standing, opening up a little to this stranger who has stumbled upon you. Legs still crossed, but slightly less so than before. Showing the gradual opening up. The looking away instead of at the camera still sells there being a bit of shyness since when shy one also avoids eye contact. Yet you are a wolf pushing past that and starting to let the person in some. Which brings us to III which I said felt like a midpoint before I even realized I was heading toward this overall theme. In that one you are making eye contact. Your legs are no longer crossed. One arm is down. There is still one arm protectively across your chest, but it's like this last vestige of resistance that you haven't quite let go of yet. Then we come to V where your chest is showing. You are now open to this person. The sadness is gone. Your eyes are looking straight at the person. There is just a bold "This is me!" statement to it. Though your legs have gone back to just ever so slightly crossed which is a little of a shame now that I have this big overall story going, but hey... no wild thing is ever completely open with another being. So we can just chalk that up to the natural instinct to always be slightly on guard or protective of yourself.

I'm actually slightly unsure about where to place III. It could be where I put it there, but one could also take it out and put it at the end. So you've opened up to the person. Gotten rid of your timidness and sadness. Then now are turning to run back off into the wild. Thus the wide shot of the background and how you are turning away. The one arm then becomes less about still being slightly guarded, but instead is more pulling yourself back together after having been so let loose. The wind even helps cause it gives it that energy such that I can see you bounding back off into the wild. If wanted to be a little sexual with it one could even say that there was a missing frame between V and III. In III you are revealing your chest. So in the missing one maybe you have nothing on and are doing things with him. Maybe not purely sexual, but more intimate. Then back to III where you see his foot there to show something did happen and the arm is you gathering yourself back after that.

I think maybe I like that last version with III at the end and the missing frame. That is just me though. At first I wasn't sure about a couple of these images. Not because they weren't beautiful or anything like that, but I just wasn't getting the vibe I normally like. Now though... now I love the whole set. Can you think of a time I've built up a story like this going from one piece of a set to another? I can't. So that makes for a truly wonderful thing in my mind. It gives so much extra to all of the pieces and makes me rather love them all. Gives them this extra depth that I wasn't feeling before. So yeah... I'm now in love with this whole set of images. : )

I can't decide if the missing frame is better missing or not. I mean obviously you would never do a photo like that or even if you did it wouldn't be put up in public like this, but just speaking theoretically. Is it better with it being missing? I think it could be. Makes the imagination fill it what happened and makes it to where what did happen is really just between you and the person. It isn't for us to see. So I think I like that. Seeing that actual frame might take that away. Though it also then would show us more of you too. I don't mean physically either (though it might do that too), but there is this emotional undertone that is really the core. Where the story is about gradually showing your inner self to somebody. So getting to see that inner self in that missing frame would be very interesting too. I think I do like it missing though. I think it sells the emotion of it being more real and intimate than if it were seen.

Anyway... great job with these Ryuu!
duggiehoo Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012
Wonderful capture of pure beauty!
Nomad55 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful :D
RJL7983 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012
Are you experimenting with seminude photography, you should just explore what inspires you the most, the background more than anything seems to have a strong golden haze like it doesn't know mich is wich, is the enviroment radianting enrgy into you or are you so intense that the world around you glows but seems more natural than you, compelling thems I will leave it at.
begphoto Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012
Perfect body!
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